X – More Fun in the New World

reviewed by Garrett Lyons | Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Seminal LA punk rockers X’s 1983 album More Fun in the New World represents the end of the band’s true creative period. The album was produced by former Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek and was truly a picture of the new politics surrounding the early Reagan era. Tracks like “The New World” and the incredible “I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts” represent X at the height of their songwriting abilities. The Porterhouse Records reissue does a marvelous job of recapturing the 1980s feel of the album on the new 180-gram vinyl format. Instead of falling into the common remastering trap of simply raising the levels and killing the depth of the sound, this vinyl reissue comes across as a perfectly balanced reproduction of the original tracks, with the same layered depth that X had perfected shining through. This remastered edition does justice to the original album and doesn’t change it a bit, leading to a brilliant way to rediscover a stunning album.

(Porterhouse Records, PO Box 3597, Hollywood, CA 90078)

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