fIREHOSE to Reunite?

Monday, April 4th, 2011

In an interview published today by The Village Voice, iconic bassist Mike Watt mentions that a fIREHOSE reunion could take place in the future:

Edward [Crawford] called me last summer and he asked me that he wants to write some new songs and maybe try some more fIREHOSE. He helped me a lot. Edward came to me in a very hard part of my life. fIREHOSE did 20 tours, seven years, a lot of work. And George Hurley–for 14 years I played with him and little more than half of that was with fIREHOSE. So, I have a lotta respect for those two men…

As far as the reunion, Edwards asked about it and he said Georgie’s into it. Edward would have to come to Cali though. He’s in Pittsburgh, takin’ care of his folks. I have a lotta respect for edfromohio. I think fIREHOSE came at a period where Minutemen hadn’t gotten to college people yet and with fIREHOSE it was more there. There was more of an open audience.

I spoke to Georgie before this tour and I’m going to record some songs with him. Georgie’s one of the greatest drummers I’ve ever played with in my life. Also, me and Georgie got asked by this Neutral Milk guy–sorry, I don’t know his name. Neutral Milk Hotel? He’s curating All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival in December and he asked me and Georgie, as a duo, to do some Minutemen songs.

fIREHOSE formed in the spring of 1986, several months following the death of Minutemen vocalist and guitarist D. Boon. fIREHOSE played their last show on February 12, 1994 in San Pedro, California.

Click here to read the interview, or go here to read Verbicide’s recent interview with Mike Watt.

  • sTUART

    Reunion and possible new album??? I just shit a brick.

  • Mike

    Ed was just a kid when he joined firehose, and all the shit he had to take for filling d.boons shoes?

    damn…no kids today would manage that shit. Ed is one of the greatest

  • Toddy Gottness

    “For the Singer of R.E.M.” is definitely one of my favorite fIREHOSE tunes of all time. Good Pick. This is great too:

  • raymond

    awsome love these guys bought the first album (vinyl) the day it came out ruined every groove and the other 3 studio lps as well hope to catch them on the road. RELEASE A NEW LP NOW !!!!!!!!!

  • raymond


  • f8te

    That would be rad. I never saw fIREHOSE but I saw the minutemen and never miss watt when he rolls into town.

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