Connecting With the Fans: Top Five Band Fights

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Ever since Ben Weasel’s infamous meltdown at SXSW 2011, a betrayed fanbase has been locked in debate as to what went wrong. Why would a man so violently attack his own audience, punching two women in the face in an outburst so embarrassing that his band mates were forced to quit, canceling their remaining shows?

The answer? He’s Ben Fucking Weasel.

Even if you ignore the fact that the Screeching Weasel frontman is a well-documented sociopath, musicians have always “connected” with their fans in  face-changing ways. Ben Weasel is a serious asshole. But trust us when we say that getting involved with a musician is setting yourself up for a bad relationship. And like any bad relationship, sometimes you get punched in the face. It just comes with the territory.

Need proof?  Let take a look at some of the greatest “hits” in musician/fan relations.

Henry Rollins of Black Flag Vs. a Guy Excited to Be Getting Beat Up by Henry Rollins of Black Flag

Who knew getting punched in the face by a fuming punk rock maniac could be the best part of your day?

Kurt Cobain Vs. a Bouncer Trying to Protect Kurt Cobain

Sure, Cobain was just trying to have a little grunge-style fun, but he went a little too far. Thank God Kurt had 10 people to fight his battles for him.

Keith Richards Vs. a Dude with a Guitar-Shaped Dent in His Head

Chris Tucker and Ice Cube said it best.

Axl Rose Vs. The Demons in His Head (i.e., a Camera in the Audience)

This one is rather infamous and happened because Axl doesn’t like being photographed while performing. Some sort of Native American mumbo-jumbo. Whatever. At least it didn’t end in a riot. Oh wait.  It did.

Marilyn Manson Vs. The Bottle

This is what happens when you throw a bottle at a musician that makes millions by pretending he’s a 15-year-old runaway with eyeliner. Well, at least he proved he was a real man’s man and won that battle against the bottle, right? Oh wait. He didn’t.