Work Hard, Play Hard

Friday, January 28th, 2011

God-King JeremyGod-King Jeremy is the current ruler of the planet.  After wiping out Earth’s defenses, he set to work reorganizing the world’s social, political, information, and entertainment infrastructures, only to discover that they didn’t need much changing to encourage a culture of human slavery.  He is cruel, petty, greedy, and devoid of basic morality. In his spare time he answers questions and gives advice.  Ask Jeremy at

When is your birthday? How would you like us to honor you on that day?
I honestly can’t remember. Culturally, we’re not really big on birthdays so I’ve never really made an effort to keep track. But if you’re just looking to get me a gift, buy me a new cat. My old one is in bad need of dry cleaning.

What do you eat? I’ve always wondered what kind of food you aliens consume.
We don’t need to eat but do for pleasure. Actually, human food is one of the reasons we initially took over your planet. Fun fact: Did you know that when we first landed, we sought out and brutally killed the Burger King mascot thinking he was your actual leader?

Do you know kung fu?
Bitch, I am Kung Fu.

Who was the best teacher you’ve ever had? (from ali360)
Time is the best teacher. She gives the best head.

How many hours per day you work? and How many hours per day your play? (from ali360)
My work is play. Sometimes, after a hard day of stabbing old people and punishing the innocent, I look at my reflection in a pool of blood and think, “I’ve got the best job in the world!”

What’s your opinion on Sarah Palin?
She’s an inspiration to failed beauty queens everywhere.

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