Amanda Palmer’s Vag-centric Video for “Map of Tasmania”

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under, a collection of live and studio tracks focused on Australia and New Zealand, is AFP’s latest offering as a solo artist. “Map of Tasmania,” which is available to download for free on, is the first single off the album. The song celebrates the nether-regions of the female side of the population, and she’s just released a video featuring numerous upskirts in which ladies’ unmentionables are decked in sparkles, feathers, and other garish merkins.

The director, Michael Pope, says, “At one point — 10 hours into our shooting day, racing to complete the video — I looked around the room. There were crew members hustling, break dancers and krunkers practicing, 40 dance party extras, 20 people — women and men both — dressed in various merkins each one more outrageous than the one before, a project self-funded by Amanda and as outside the box as one can get, and I thought to myself, This is the ritual of our time — The Creative Action.”

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