reviewed by Peter Cauvel | Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Don’t let the name fool you — the New Lou Reeds don’t really sound like The Velvet Underground. Hit Songs, the band’s latest, is 100 percent brash, working-class garage rock. The New Lou Reeds seem to find a balance between blues and punk. Hit Songs is full of cheeky garage anthems like “(I’m Clearly) Rockin’ Too Hard For You.” The band’s irreverent humor brings to mind The Ramones, while the guitar riffs recall Jack White. In “Older than Dirt,” the band turns their humor on themselves. They acknowledge their age but claim they can still “rock this party without breaking a sweat.” It’s a little egotistical, but for the most part holds true — The New Lou Reeds know how to rock.

(Exit Stencil Recordings, 159 Newel Street Apt. 4R, Brooklyn, NY 11222)