Glenn Danzig (Unwittingly) Shills for Fresh Step Kitty Litter and Responds to the Viral Photo

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Two things.

First, the viral photo of Glenn Danzig walking home with his hands full of nothing but kitty litter is pretty funny. The serious, purposeful facial expression, the Danzig shirt…it’s good for a chuckle.

Second, Glenn’s annoyance at this photo (as reported at is justifiable. I mean, it’s just kitty litter, and the man apparently has cats. If someone anonymously photographed me walking out of the pet shop with a 20-pound sack of corncob bedding for my pet rats and a bag of fruity treats, posted it on the internet, and millions of people went “LOL!” and pointed at me, I’d be annoyed, too. Hey, you probably buy shit for your pets.

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Granted, I’m not Danzig…I don’t wear shirts of bands that I’m in…I’m not overly self-serious and I don’t have a documented history of being somewhat of a humorless dick…but still.

Wait — someone took this joke next level? All right…now it’s okay to LOL.

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