OWEN – Abandoned Bridges

reviewed by Garrett Lyons | Monday, September 27th, 2010

Mike Kinsella turned over a new page with the simple construction on Owen’s recent full-length New Leaves. The Abandoned Bridges seven-inch continues this theme with songs built around exquisite acoustic guitar work and heartfelt lyrics that few other singer/songwriters can reach.

Even when reaching the most caustic of lyrics on the front side, “Abandoned Bridges,” Owen shows a newfound lightness of musical touch that was largely missing on New Leaves when the whole sound came across heavy-handed. The B-side, a cover of Wilco’s “I’m Always in Love,” is a fantastic track. The heavy chords of “Abandoned Bridges” are tossed away for a breezy, almost upbeat track that is simply an enjoyable listen. The same lightness of touch comes through and the whole seven-inch feels like a maturing record and an opening of a bright new future for Owen.

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