Vivian Girls to Part Ways With In The Red Records

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010 has learned from the source that Brooklyn-based trio Vivian Girls will be leaving In The Red Records.

As reported by Jon Aubin in an interview on Saturday, September 11, Kickball Katy announced, “We do have a new label,” yet Katy and band-mate Cassie Ramone declined to comment on which label it would be.

Aubin speculates: ” I’d be extremely surprised if the new record doesn’t come out on either Woodsist or Matador, but based on the evidence, I’d have to go with the former. But who knows — there’s always a dark horse like Mexican Summer prowling the waters.”

Both Kickball Katy and Cassie Ramone have solo records forthcoming: Katy’s solo album, under the moniker “La Sera,” will be a self-titled release on Sub Pop Records‘┬ásubsidiary Hardly Art, while Cassie’s release, entitled Zenith, will be released via In The Red.

For the complete interview, click here.

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