Univox – Conan

Friday, June 11th, 2010
Voices. Baritone, tenor, soprano, alto.
Univox consists of four players: four singers, four writers. These boys drive the bottom, pound the beats, and turn up the fuzz. On top of this visceral wallop is the vocal interplay of these four young belters. It brings a melodic texture and tunefulness rarely found in the dive bars and vinyl bins of the indie rock world.
With axes in hand and words in their throat the four Philly boys square off in the rock  n’ roll ring: guitarist/vocalist Josh Jones, drummer Kent Boersma,  guitarist Joe Bonaventura III, and bassist Rob Decarolis.
Longtime friends, each of the four did time in other rock outfits until they came together as Univox. After building a loyal following in Philadelphia, the band hit the studio to record their debut album for New York City indie label ROIR. The eponymous debut album, which was released May 11, features a dozen epic tracks with Univox’s trademark group vocals, complex structures, and sonic punch.

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