Coast To Coast BS with Glenn Beck

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Were it not for the fact that there are those who actually take him seriously, I would absolutely love Glenn Beck. Like George Noory (and Art Bell before him), Glenn’s appeal is rooted in my own fascination of “What crazy thing is he gonna say next?” But unlike “Coast to Coast AM,” Beck’s program actually (somehow) has the relevance to speak to people crazy enough to vote and act according to his will. That’s both scary and infuriating.

But I’m willing to put up his nutty shit, so long as people like Lewis Black and Stephen Colbert keep up with the commentary:

“Glenn Beck has this wildly important, Vatican-approved 100-year plan for America…but who’s gonna follow a guy who described himself as a ‘rodeo clown’ — I assume because both Glenn and a rodeo clown are so comfortable working with bullsh*t.” – Stephen Colbert

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“Glenn Beck Has Nazi Tourette’s.” -Lewis Black

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