Nudedragons are to Soundgarden as Finkle is to Einhorn

Friday, April 16th, 2010

A band billed as “Nudedragons” is playing the tiny Showbox at the Market in Seattle, Washington tonight, April 16. The tickets, which were extremely limited, have already sold out. If I lived in Seattle and was just now finding out, I’d be crazy with rage. However, sealed within that crunchy outer shell of anger would be a creamy filling of hope — hope that this supposed reunion is for real.

The surprise show is another step toward confirming that the band is indeed going to be regrouping. Soundgarden, who haven’t performed since 1997, have already announced that they will be playing Lollapalooza in Chicago in August, and have hinted at a reunion in 2010 via Twitter postings.¬†They also have a special seven-inch coming out tomorrow from Sub Pop Records, who apparently just keep shitting gold.

Here’s Johnny Cash covering “Rusty Cage.” I know it would’ve made more sense to embed the actual Soundgarden video, but you’ve heard that a million times already. Besides, Johnny Cash rules.

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