South Park Takes on Facebook

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Oh, “South Park,” you’ve done it again. Last night’s episode, entitled “You Have 0 Friends,” took aim at the Facebook craze (as well as Farmville, Chatroullette, and “Mad Money”) and spoofed 1982’s Tron, as Stan becomes sucked into Facebook to battle his own profile. I used to think dating an episode by infusing it with topical current events and semi-obscure cultural references (see: “Family Guy”) was detrimental in the long run until I realized that 1) episodes like “Chinpokomon” are still funny, even more than 10 years later, and 2) in the distant future, our descendants will be better off having “South Park” to shed some light on this odd, consumerist, politically bipolar period of history.

“You Have 0 Friends” is being praised as one of the best episodes in years by sources ranging from The Christian Science Monitor to The Guardian, though you can’t really expect CSM to acknowledge the genius of an episode wherein Mickey Mouse says, “Even the Christians are too fucking stupid to figure out I’m selling sex to their daughters!” Nor “Mary Jane piss in-your-face fun-time.”

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