reviewed by Matt Edmund | Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Die Among HeroesDie Among Heroes is out to prove that diversity is an appealing element in music. Remember those monster ballad ads on TV proclaiming that “every bad boy has a soft side?” It appears that the boys from Austin have taken that motto to task with this eight-track self-titled album. To be fair to the readers out there, don’t be fooled into believing this is an album full of ballads that would make Queensryche’s “Silent Lucidity” sound hard as hell, because it’s not. A majority of the music here is relatively hard but very melodic in execution. Double-bass drums are met with catchy guitar riffs and breakdowns. The diversity comes in the form of Chase Hughes’ vocals. His ability to produce piercing screams is standard protocol for this kind of music, but when a hard-hitting and guitar driven song takes a sudden acoustic turn, those screams turn into melodic soft tones — proving that a hard rock/metal album doesn’t need to be on full blast from start to end.

The interesting mix of acoustic guitar and the very catchy hard rock sound makes this album extremely appealing to a wide range of musical fans. I normally don’t care for polished mainstream rock sounds, but this album is was quite enjoyable. With its blend of soft and hard, I think Die Among Heroes have a bright future ahead of them in the mainstream rock scene.

(Die Among Heroes, C/O Dustin Young, 8111 Wexford Dr., Austin, TX 78759)

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