reviewed by Matt Edmund | Friday, March 5th, 2010

3D RadioDriving melodic punk rock is what The Reveling is all about. Hailing from Brooklyn, their sound is filled with a certain working class rawness that fittingly represents their hometown environment.

Within the four songs featured on this EP it’s clear we are hearing the works of a musically tight band. Sean Morris’s vocals sound, at times, a bit like Tim McIlrath from Rise Against. I also dug that Dennis Murphy’s bass riffs were brought out in front during the recording process, especially during the first track, “Breadline.” All too often the bass guitar is thrown in the background while the guitars take the spotlight. Plus it doesn’t hurt to have Max Weinberg’s son (Jay Weinberg) on drums, as his work on this EP is stellar.

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Their brand of punk rock falls along the lines of a sound similar to The Loved Ones and Gaslight Anthem. If you are one for good all out rock with no gimmicks, you might want to give this a spin.

(self-released, no address provided)

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