Descendents – Nothing With You

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

DescendentsIn 1978 the Descendents formed under their common credo of fishing, girls, and velocity. Existing briefly as a power trio, the LA-based group released the 7″ single Ride The Wild before recruiting a certain crop-haired honors class geek cum heartthrob (enter Milo Aukerman, he of the ubiquitous album illustrations) on vocals. They released the Fat EP in 1981, the only record in the Descendents’ expansive catalog that does not contain a single love song. The quintessential Descendents album, Milo Goes To College, hit local record stores in 1982. Its fusion of catchy melodies with raw, spastic energy (henceforward known as “power pop”, “melodic hardcore”, or the ever popular “pop punk”) caused the Los Angeles Times to write, “perfect for the little guy who was ever called a nerd and never got the girl. The Chain Saw pop combined with earthy humor conveys what is often an inarticulate rage.”

The Descendents would take multiple hiatuses over their lengthy existence as a band, releasing records on SST and Epitaph. The band last recorded in 2004, churning out the full-length Cool To Be You and the EP ‘Merican, both released on Fat Wreck Chords. This track, “Nothing With You,” is taken from the EP.

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