The Silent Years – Taking Drugs at the Amusement Park

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

The Silent YearsJosh Epstein is certainly no stranger to change. The Silent Years’ founder and frontman has seen his share of shifts throughout the past four years his Detroit-based outfit’s been active, whether it’s in the line-up, musical approach or associations with record labels. And it’s this ever-evolving momentum that has fed his creative drive, maintaining a steady pace that, to this day, includes a host of respectable tours and a batch of even more respected recordings.

The Silent Years’ most recent release was 2008’s The Globe. Recorded in the summer of 2007, The Globe represented a sea change for The Silent Years on multiple levels. Epstein saw The Globe as a challenging album, as it was based around a prevailing concept, recognizing the universality of life. These intrinsic themes were of a difficult design; Epstein found himself racking his brain on more than one occasion in an effort to finesse his production into something cohesive and thoroughly cogent. In addition, The Globe was also the first major release featuring an entirely new roster of members in The Silent Years, as Epstein was able to recruit three-fifths of the lineup from Detroit indie rock legends Rescue to join his project.

However, almost immediately after The Globe was completed, The Silent Years made the decision to begin recording again. In the summer of 2008, Epstein and company began assembling what would become their next release. “We wanted to have something done before The Globe came out,” he said, explaining that it would “place the band in an advantageous position when it came time to searching for new labels.” The resulting recording is the band’s latest EP, titled Let Go, out now on SideCho Records.

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