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SAINTS NEVER SURRENDER – Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

reviewed by Seth Gotro | Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

saintsneversurrender_hopeforthebestI’ve spun discs like this probably 200 times since I’ve been writing for this magazine. It’s good hardcore. It’s fast in all the places it’s supposed to be fast, heavy in the midsection, and keeps your feet and hands moving. The vocals I could do without but it’s more a matter of personal taste than lack of talent that makes it annoying to me. The thing is, I’ve heard it all before on a stack of discs I usually pass off to friends or other writers because in all probability, I’ll never listen to it again. It’s good, it just doesn’t stand out and because it doesn’t stand out, it’s a pass for me. It’s a shame, because I realize how hard bands work to get their stuff out there — I don’t want to simply slap it aside, but I think that because there are so many good bands out there, groups need to realize that they have to be prepared to really stretch their limits to be seen as something more distinct. Opinions are like assholes, I guess, but that’s my power trip on this disc.

(Blood and Ink Records, no address provided)

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