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STARS ARE FALLING – The Consequence of Revenge

reviewed by Jordan Humphrey | Thursday, June 21st, 2007

starsarefalling_consequenceYou have heard it before a hundred times: a mid-range-y screamer puking shards of his own pelvis (Dane Cook reference) into a microphone, blended uncomfortably over the top of half metal/half punk music (ie, metalcore). I used to be into this stuff when it was innovative, but now that it is as hip as Abercrombie was in ’95, I am simply bored by it. Some bands take it over the top and do some incredible things, but SAF is not one of them. I hate to harp on these guys but y’all gotta try something new. Also, the record was over-compressed during mixing and this has taken a lot of the power out of the band’s sound.

(Blood and Ink Records, address not provided)

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