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SOCIETY’S FINEST – And I, The Drunkards

reviewed by Seth Gotro | Saturday, November 11th, 2006

societysfinestI’m totally impressed by this band. I like the fact that they have two guitarists at work — it creates a more full sound that you don’t get from the four-piece. There were times that I was listening to this disc that I thought of Guns ‘N Roses, mostly where there were guitar solos. These two guitarists are definitely musicians, and they know their craft. When you see a lot of bands that are just starting out, you hear them mimic a lot of bands that they like, but these guys don’t sound like anyone I have heard before. The lyrics are screamy, which I like, but then get that guttural growl to them too, which I like even better. A faith-based band, the lyrics seem to be more about misery and suicide than finding Jesus. I’m not even sure that saying the guys in the band are Christian is worth mentioning, but I already have, so there you go. I’m not hitting the backspace key…whattaya think about that one? This is a masterpiece of balanced engineering; no one instrument or vocal overpowers the other. Quite the opposite — everything on this disc completely compliments the other. Society’s Finest said that they were looking to find a darkness in their sound on this album, and if you ask me, with the help of producer Andreas Magnusson (Black Dahlia Murder), they found a black hole to sink into. This is great stuff from some of the former members of Zao, one of the best metal/hardcore bands out there. Oh yeah…it’s got some greasy, creepy cover art you might like, too. Guts and caskets and stuff. Weird. Worth two or three days in your Discman for sure (or MP3 player…whatever it is kids use these day, I dunno.)

(Hand of Hope Records, PO Box 24913, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33307)

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