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THE MUGSHOTS – House of the Weirdos

reviewed by Jordan Humphrey | Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

TheMugshots-Houseoftheweirdos-cover“The Mugshots play ELITARIAN UNDEAD ROCK exclusively,” says their album insert from their first full-length release House of the Weirdos. can’t tell you what “elitarian” is and neither can I, but I can tell you that the Mugshots are a sort of David Bowie meets the Misfits throw back band, with the haunting flair of an Alice Cooper show pulled into the mix. If you are into the whole Halloweenish theatrical thing, the Mugshots might catch your interest. The artwork is pretty cool, but I think the songwriting and singing ability is lacking on this record. Some of the songs get you tapping your feet and would be fun background music at a Halloween party or something, but other than that I’m not really feelin’ it too much.

(Crypt of Blood Records, no address provided)

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