Interview: Stereotyperider

words by Leanne O'Connor
| Tuesday, February 4th, 2003

StereotyperiderOriginally published in Excommunication issue #2

After having toured the East Coast and Midwest with Big Wig, Stereotyperider released their debut album, Same Chords, Same Songs, Same Six Strings, in October on Suburban Home Records. Calling Arizona home, this four-piece has plans to take over the world with their original sound that rides the fence of melody and aggression. Featuring former members of ManDingo and Adams Alcoholics, the members of Stereotyperider are no strangers to the road. After having shared the stage with bands like the Suicide Machines, Big Wig, Ensign, The (International) Noise Conspiracy, Nebula, and many more, Stereotyperider are hitting the road in support of their new album.

Who is who and who plays what?
Mike: I am Mike. I play guitar, sing and type. Anthony plays bass and screams. Shane plays guitar, and Dave plays drums and sings

How did you guys get together?
Mike: Well, we all have known each other for a really long time. Shane and I played in Mandingo and Anthony and Dave played in Adams Alcoholics together. Both bands kind of called it quits, and the remaining guys wanted to keep rockin’!

What is the Arizona scene like, are there any good bands that we should check out from there?
Anthony: The Arizona scene is kind of weird. But as far as bands go…There are a lot of amazing bands such as Fivespeed, The Necronauts, Signsedso, Redfield. The list goes on and on, and we are glad to be a part of it.

To someone that has never heard you before, how would you describe your sound?
Anthony: Just like everybody else in the music business, I hate describing our sound to other people, mostly because I like to think of the band as somewhat original. But, I’ve heard us compared to many different bands and I would have to say my favorite combination is a cross between Hot Water Music and Weezer.

Who are your influences and inspirations?
Anthony: The list of influences is incredibly diverse because we are all into different things. But as far as inspirations go, I would have to say our friends, family, and each other are what keep us going from day-to-day and help us strive to create music that we all enjoy.

How did you get the name? I bet a lot of people see “Sterotypewriter” instead of “Stereotyperider.”
Mike: Actually, it was our good friend and old bass player for Mandingo Lukas who came up with the name when we were tossing around name ideas. We always used to get shit for looking like dirty hippies and playing what was considered pop-punk, and so it was like people riding the stereotype that they give you. Everybody does it. Every race, ethnic group, etc. And yes! Everybody everywhere spells it wrong, but we are trying to make sure that clubs and promoters get it right.

What do you guys do outside of the band? Jobs, hobbies, etc.?
Mike: We all have day jobs. I work an 8-to-5 corporate job and I am part-owner of Retroactive Custom Screen Printing. Shane works the day job thing with me at the same place. Dave does something that involves sleeping on the job and Anthony is a gigolo. We all want the same thing: an honest week’s pay for an honest days work!

I heard that Mike and his wife recently had another child; was it a girl or boy, and what’s the baby’s name?
Mike: Yup, As of September 24 my family has the newest addition. Her name is Ryan Elizabeth. My wife Lisa and my other beautiful one, Taylor Cameron, are very excited.

What are your upcoming touring plans?
Mike: Well, after the release of the record, we are planning to tour as much as possible. We are in the works for a 12-day California tour with Couterfit and Laymen Terms in December. That should be a blast.

What is your favorite song off the new record?
Dave: “Must be Normal.” I like Mike’s lyrics.
Mike: I would have to say, “Ones for You, Closest Brother.”
Anthony: “I Never Want to Rest.”
Shane: “Concrete Ocean.” I think it captures the emotional distress of someone who is confused about who or what to believe in.

Any crazy tour stories that you would like to share?
Mike: On our last tour with Bigwig, down south somewhere, we were just cruising down the interstate about 85 or 90 miles per hour, and all of a sudden there is this car at a dead stop in the middle of the road that we almost hit, but we stopped just in time. Anthony and Shane hop out of the van and run up to the car. Come to find out, there is this super-old lady that is totally lost. We think she was senile or something and was having an episode. She was asking us how to get to Hawsbrow…anyway, Anthony instructed her to please just get off of the freeway, and somebody at the next exit would instruct her correctly to Hawsbrow…if Hawsbrow exists…. and so he hopped back in the van and we continued onward. About 45 minutes to an hour later, I looked in the back of the van to get my backpack to find out that our roadie and friend Frank was no longer back there — Shit! So, we had to turn around and head back to where that lady was stopped, and voila! There is Frank. He wasn’t the happiest man in the world, but we told him we would go to Steak and Shake to make up for it. We made it to the show in Atlanta just in time to hop on Madcap’s gear and play our set.

If you could play with any band, anywhere, who would it be and why?
Dave: I would say Sublime and Nirvana because those band were amazing and are no longer.
Anthony: That’s a hard question for me to answer, because there are bands I would like Stereotyperider to play with and bands that I personally would like to play with. So, therefore, the answer would be Steely Dan and Hot Water Music.
Mike: I think playing with QOTSA would be the shit.
Shane: Tom Petty and the Foo Fighters.

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