ANTI-FLAG – Mobilize

reviewed by Dan O'Day | Thursday, August 15th, 2002

MobilizeOriginally published in Verbicide issue #6

Eight new tunes and eight live Anti-classics. The new stuff is the same old Anti-Flag that everyone loves. It’s got political messages, powerful hooks, great bass lines, and Justin Sane‘s trademark high-pitched nasal cries.

“Mumia’s Song” is the standout track for sure, with great lyrics about our political prisoners. The live stuff includes the songs “A New Kind of Army,” “Die for your Government,” and “Their System Doesn’t Work For You.” The show energy was captured and the crowd is heard just enough singing along that it gives you the feel that you’re there. This also comes with a free A-F Records sampler!

(A-F Records, PO Box 71266, Pittsburgh, PA 15213)

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