Greg Ginn of Black Flag Sues Ex-Bandmates Over Use of Punk Group’s Logo, Name

Everything Went BlackIn 2013, two versions of Black Flag suddenly sprung up: FLAG, featuring four ex-members of the band, which has been touring all summer playing a best-of collection of songs, and the “official” version fronted by band co-founder Greg Ginn featuring vocalist Ron Reyes, which is also touring and recording the first Black Flag album since 1985.

Unfortunately, the competition has culminated in a lawsuit.

On Friday, August 2, 2013, Greg Ginn sued his former band mates, seeking an injunction against their current tour, which kicked off in May and will stop in Los Angeles (pending this case) for FYF Fest on August 24th. The suit describes the alleged infringement of the logo and name “Flag” as “a colorable imitation” that’s “likely to cause confusion, mistake or deception among consumers.”

Ginn claims he and his label, SST Records, exclusively own the rights to the Black Flag name (and “Flag” variation) and logo, which Flag use on tour.

Interestingly, while not actually a part of any reunion, former vocalist (and most famous ex-member) Henry Rollins has also been named as a defendant. However, as divulged in the 55th, 56th, and 57th paragraphs of the suit, on September 12, 2012, Rollins (aka “Henry Garfield”) and Keith Morris jointly applied to trademark the term “Black Flag,” as well as the Black Flag logo.

Ginn Ginn accuses Rollins and Morris of lying to the trademark office on registrations. He also accuses the members of FLAG of using his own label’s record covers to feign as though they’ve been continuing to use Black Flag since 1979, and, in what’s alleged to be an act of “outrageous fraud,” using bootleg SST Records t-shirts in an attempt to show they’ve been making such products in that time.

The members of FLAG have remained mum on their strained relationships with Ginn; however, Rollins has noted several times — the following quote is from a 2011 LA Weekly article — that “Greg Ginn doesn’t pay royalties. No royalties, no statements, nothing. At least not to me and several of my old bandmates.”

Click here to read the suit. Or, if you’d rather just listen to some tunes, click here for the top 10 Black Flag songs.

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Chinese Man Tries to Board a Plane With a Pet Turtle Disguised as a Hamburger

Delicious Chinese Turtle Burger

Best thing I’ve read all week. Maybe ever: According to the South China Morning Post, a man tried to smuggle his pet turtle through customs by hiding it in a KFC hamburger container and between two slices of a bread bun:

The incident occurred on the morning of July 29, when a man, surnamed Li, was about to board China Southern Airlines flight 345 to Beijing, Guangzhou Daily reported. As Li passed through airport security, X-ray screening machines detected a few “odd protrusions” sticking out of a KFC burger that the man had packed in his bag.

Airport staff determined that the protrusions looked suspiciously like turtle limbs, and asked to inspect Li’s luggage.

“There’s no turtle in there, just a hamburger,” Li reportedly insisted. “There’s nothing special to see inside.”

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Scott Weiland Holds Nothing Against His Replacement Chester Bennington, Says Singer Didn’t Join Stone Temple Pilots Out of Spite


Scott Weiland, left, doing his best Robert Palmer impersonation; Chester Bennington, right, doing his best Scott Weiland impersonation

Scott Weiland, left, doing his best Robert Palmer impersonation; Chester Bennington, right, doing his best Scott Weiland impersonation. Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images; Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Despite the bad blood between former Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland and his former bandmates, who fired Weiland from STP this past winter and then sued him (followed by a counter-suit by Weiland), the original vocalist says he has nothing against his replacement, Chester Bennington.

“I don’t think Chester did it in a spiteful way,” Weiland told Billboard, adding that the two singers became friends when their bands toured together on the 2001 Family Values Tour. “The brothers DeLeo can be pretty persuasive…I guess nothing is totally shocking.”

However, regarding the DeLeos, he stated, ”I don’t think it was smart for them to [hire Bennington]…I’m surprised they did what they did without checking the legality of it, how they just decided to go and use the [STP] name and go and hire another singer and start playing shows with a name that I still am an owner of.” (via RS)

How Much Caffeine Is Actually in Your Coffee?

How much caffeine is in your coffee?

For all you fellow coffee addicts out there, Huffington Post has posted an interesting graph on the amount of caffeine in the coffee served up by some of the largest providers of java in the nation.

According to its sources, the Center for Science in the Public Interest  and EnergyFiend.com, the milligrams of caffeine per ounce vary from chain to chain greatly. Check out the image above to see how much caffeine you’re getting per fluid ounce. Then, brew a pot and crank these top five songs about coffee.

Gogol Bordello Is Suing Frontman Eugene Hutz

This week, on “behalf of himself and the group’s corporate entity,” Gogol Bordello‘s longtime guitarist Oren Kaplan filed a lawsuit against frontman Eugene Hutz, as Billboard reports.

Kaplan says Hutz is in breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, and unjust enrichment after he “brazenly absconded with approximately half a million dollars from the bank accounts of the Gogol Bordello entities and deposited those funds into the accounts of new companies which are wholly owned by Hutz.”

Furthermore, Kaplan charges Hutz of solely taking over business operations of Gogol Bordello without providing compensation or notice, and claims Hutz secretly brokered a promotional deal with Coca-Cola without informing Kaplan.

“Hutz accomplished this ruse by feigning concern for plaintiff (whose mother had just passed away) and encouraging plaintiff to take an extended leave of absence from the group, during the very time when the group would be recording its song for the Coca-Cola commercial,” Kaplan alleges.

Kaplan is seeking $950,000 in damages.

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Fat Wreck Chords Announces October 29, 2013 Release Date of “The Songs of Tony Sly: A Tribute”

The Songs of Tony Sly: A Tribute

One year ago today, Tony Sly of No Use For A Name died at the age of 41. Now, Fat Wreck Chords has announced a tribute compilation album, The Songs of Tony Sly: A Tribute, which will be released on October 29, 2013.

“We can’t express how much it means to us and Tony’s family that each of the artists and bands on this album took the time and effort to contribute such meaningful and interesting interpretations of Tony’s songs,” stated the label in a press release. The album will feature 26 tracks from bands including Anti-Flag, NOFX, Rise Against, Old Man Markley, Teenage Bottlerocket, and many more.

All proceeds from this compilation will go to the Tony Sly Memorial Fund.

Ian MacKaye Addresses the First-Ever Licensed Minor Threat T-Shirts

Minor Threat t-shirt

Back in 2009, Forever 21 started selling bootleg Minor Threat t-shirts, which was deemed by Dischord Records to be “absurd” and “unacceptable.” Now in 2013, Minor Threat t-shirts seem to be popping up again at another major retailer, Urban Outfitters, selling for a whopping $28.

Surprisingly, these shirts have been licensed by Dischord via Tsurt Clothing, a California-based company hired by Ian MacKaye to produce and oversee sales of the band’s official shirts. This is because, as MacKaye states, “Dischord doesn’t make t-shirts,” and because so many bootlegged Minor Threat shirts are constantly being made and sold, MacKaye hired Tsurt to oversee their official shirts and deal with bootleggers.

“It’s fucking absurd the amount of bootlegs are out there,” MacKaye says, and “my time is better spent doing other things.

“It’s not a political thing for me,” MacKaye continues in an interview with Washington City Paper. “I just don’t give a fuck about t-shirts” — however, he previously spent a lot of time chasing down bootleggers, finding that when confronted, “They get in your face… or they deny it. It’s a complete waste of time.”

Regarding Urban Outfitters carrying the shirts and the price tag it has affixed, MacKaye states, “Do I think it’s absurd? Yes, I certainly do. Motherfuckers pay $28; that’s what they wanna pay for their shirts.” He compares the pricey T-shirts to people happily blowing their money on expensive shoes: “I guess it makes their feet feel fuckin’ rich.”

Watch: Dan Aykroyd as Elwood Blues Performs “Born in Chicago” on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon”

Dan Akroyd as Elwood Blues on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon"

While Dan Aykroyd made no mention whether he was bringing back his famous Blues Brother character, Elwood Blues, in a new film, he made a rare appearance as Elwood on last night’s episode of “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.” Backed by The Roots, Aykroyd performed “Born in Chicago” and took some time to speak with Fallon. Watch all the clips below!

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Nirvana’s “In Utero” to Be Reissued in September 2013 as 20th Anniversary Edition Box Set With More Than 70 Bonus Tracks

Nirvana "In Utero: 20th Anniversary Edition"

On September 24, 2013, a 20th Anniversary Edition of Nirvana‘s final studio album In Utero will be released, and it will include more than 70 bonus tracks, comprised of live recordings, remasters, remixes, rare tracks, and unreleased material.

The material has been described by the label as “a veritable treasure trove of never-before-heard demos, B-sides, compilation tracks,” and will be accompanied by a full recording of the band’s Live and Loud performance in Seattle back in 1993.

The special edition reissue will be released on double-CD and triple-vinyl, and the band’s Live and Loud set will also be released on DVD.  (via CoS)

In case you missed it, two versions of Nirvana recently “reunited” — one performed with Paul McCartney in Seattle, and another recorded a homecoming message for Virginia Tech.

“The Simpsons” Are Going to Cable in 2014 – Rights to Reruns Could Be Sold for Up to $1 Billion

"Ah, this show ain't no good"Back in 1993, the producers of “The Simpsons” would have never realized their show would be going strong after 25 seasons — and that’s likely why they signed a 20-year binding exclusivity contract with Fox, so long as they were still making new episodes with the show. Therefore, for the past two decades, the show has been available only in first-run episodes or as reruns on local Fox affiliates (or on DVDs, too).

Now, Twentieth Television is getting ready to shop “The Simpsons” to cable networks for the first time ever within the next year, according to TV Guide, which speculates that this sudden change in policy could be due to The Simpsons finally ending in season 25. But rumor has it that Fox will simply create separate $1 billion-plus syndication deal that will allow it to give “The Simpsons” episodes to possible homes such as FX, Comedy Central, or USA, while still keeping new episodes and syndicated reruns on broadcast.

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Johnny Depp May Soon Retire From Acting

Johnny Depp

In a recent interview with the BBC, Johnny Depp stated that the end of his acting career is “not too far away,” and he hopes to move on to “quieter things” in the near future.

“I wouldn’t say I’m dropping out any second, but I would say it’s probably not too far away,” said Depp. “When you add up the amount of dialogue that you say per year and you realise that you’ve said written words more than you’ve had a chance to say your own words, you start thinking about that as an insane option for a human being.”

Of course, Depp has a few more films scheduled before retirement is an option. Pirates of the Caribbean 5 is due in 2015, and a sequel to Alice in Wonderland is rumored to include an appearance by Depp’s character, The Mad Hatter. He is also set to appear as the title character in the forthcoming film Mortdecai. (via the Guardian)

Watch: Matthew Lillard as Stevo From “SLC Punk!’ in “Fat Kid Rules the World” Deleted Scene

Matthew Lillard as Stevo from "SLC Punk!" in the "Fat Kid Rules the World" deleted scene

Ever wonder what happened to Stevo, played by Matthew Lillard, from the 1998 film SLC Punk!? Well, in the 2012 film Fat Kid Rules the World, directed by Lillard, his character is revisited, this time as a grown-up high school guidance counselor who offers “advice” to the titular character, the “fat kid” Troy.

Ultimately, Lillard cut the scene from the film, explaining, “the idea of an homage to SLC Punk! and seeing Stevo all grown up was great, but it didn’t work. I sucked, and it slowed the movie down when the thing I like about the movie is that it’s quick and sharp.”

Fortunately, Stevo will be revisited and his fate explained in the forthcoming sequel SLC Punk! 2: Punk’s Dead, due out in 2014. The entire cast, sans Jason Segel, will be returning to reprise their roles. And you can watch the deleted scene from Fat Kid below.

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“The Butterfly Effect” to Be Rebooted

Ashton Kutcher in "The Butterfly Effect" (2004)

The Butterfly Effect, the 2004 film that starred Ashton Kutcher in his first dramatic role, opened in theaters and eventually earned more than $90 million. Despite being a financial success, the film was panned by critics, and now, according to Variety, the same team behind the original are going to reboot the movie.

FilmEngine and Benderspink are teaming up to reboot The Butterfly Effect with original writer/director Eric Bress on board to write the new script. Producers are AJ Dix, Anthony Rhulen, Chris Bender, and JC Spink, as they did on the original, along with FilmEngine president Navid McIllhargey.

No casting, director, plot, shooting, or release information has yet been confirmed. (via Under the Gun Review)

“Arrested Development” Is Definitely Coming Back, Either as a Film or New Season (or Both), Confirms Creator Mitch Hurwitz

Arrested Development

Series creator Mitch Hurwitz has confirmed that “Arrested Development” will be back, either as another season of the series or as a movie. When asked during a Q&A session at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal if the show would be returning, Hurwitz replied, “Definitely,” adding (while addressing Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos), “I keep thinking about it, and why don’t we do the movie version of this and then do the series, because this series kinda peaks with the story?

“Whatever we do, I want to get the cast all together and not do another anthology thing, and that’s why I keep thinking about kicking off with a special or a three-part show and then going into a series.” Then he asked Sarandos, “Are you game for that?”

“Absolutely,” Sarandos replied. “In any form.” (via Chortle)