Led Zeppelin to Reissue First Three Albums With Unreleased Songs

Led Zeppelin album covers

On June 3, 2014, Led Zeppelin will reissue their first three albums — Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin II, and Led Zeppelin III – as deluxe editions packed with previously unreleased songs.

This is only the first part of what the band describes as an “extensive reissue program” of its nine studio albums that have been remastered by Jimmy Page. Each record will come out as a single-disc remastered album or as a “Deluxe Edition” with a bonus disc of previously unreleased studio and live tracks that the group recorded around the time of the album.

“The material on the companion discs presents a portal to the time of the recording of Led Zeppelin,” Page said in a statement. “It is a selection of work in progress with rough mixes, backing tracks, alternate versions and new material recorded at the time.”

Here are the track lists for each of the bonus discs available in the deluxe editions of the albums:

Led Zeppelin Deluxe Edition Bonus Disc:

All tracks recorded live at the Olympia in Paris on October 10, 1969

1. “Good Times Bad Times/Communication Breakdown”
2. “I Can’t Quit You Baby”
3. “Heartbreaker”
4. “Dazed And Confused”
5. “White Summer/Black Mountain Side”
6. “You Shook Me”
7. “Moby Dick”
8. “How Many More Times”

Led Zeppelin II Deluxe Edition Bonus Disc:

1. “Whole Lotta Love”
2. “What Is And What Should Never Be”
3. “Thank You”
4. “Heartbreaker”
5. “Living Loving Maid (She’s Just A Woman)”
6. “Ramble On”
7. “Moby Dick”
8. “La La”

Led Zeppelin III Deluxe Edition Bonus Disc:

1. “The Immigrant Song”
2. “Friends”
3. “Celebration Day”
4. “Since I’ve Been Loving You”
5. “Bathroom Sound”
6. “Gallows Pole”
7. “That’s The Way”
8. “Jennings Farm Blues”
9. “Keys To The Highway/Trouble In Mind”

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Punk Rock Bowling 2014 Club Show Tickets Are On Sale Now

In late February, the full lineup of club shows for Punk Rock Bowling 2014 were announced, and now tickets are on sale at the official PRB website.

The club shows will feature, among many, many other bands, Naked Raygun, CJ Ramone, Off With Their Heads, ALL, Poison Idea, Judge, H2O, Cro-Mags, IllicitorWestern AddictionOld Man Markley, and Gang Green. Below, you can see the flyers for all three days of shows.

The festival will take place May 23rd through the 26th — three nights and four days of shows and bowling.

Punk Rock Bowling 2014 club shows

Punk Rock Bowling 2014 club shows

Punk Rock Bowling 2014 club shows

Punk Rock Bowling 2014 club shows

Man Who Drove Into Crowd at SXSW Killing Two Has Been Charged With Capital Murder

Accident at SXSW

On March 12, 2014, a man drove his car through a crowd at SXSW while try to evade police. Two people were killed, and more than 20 were injured.

Two days later, the driver, Rashad Charjuan Owens, was charged with capital murder. He tore through the crowd while drunk, and hit other cars in addition to at least 25 people.

Via CNN:

Police caught Owens, 21, after an alleged foot chase, and Tasered him. His bond was set at $3 million.

Authorities have not released names of the dead, but they were a Dutch man on a bicycle and a local woman on a moped, Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo said.

MassiveMusic, a music agency with offices around the world, posted a statement on its website identifying the company’s Amsterdam-based creative director, Steven Craenmehr, as killed Thursday in Austin.

“During the eight years that Steven worked for MassiveMusic, we got to know him as an unstoppable force, full of life, love and laughter,” it said. “This is an irreplaceable loss for the MassiveMusic family, and we are grateful for the years we spent with him. Our thoughts are with Steven’s family and friends.”

Watch Krist Novoselic of Nirvana Cover Lorde’s “Royals” on an Accordion

Krist Novoselic

On March 9, 2014, at a benefit for FairVote in Takoma Park, Maryland, former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic picked up an accordion and performed an instrumental cover of “Royals” by Lorde. You can watch the video below. Novoselic has been board chairman of FairVote since 2008, and is among our list of famously politically active punk rockers.

Novoselic has a reputation as being a very good accordion player — he played during Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged session way back in 1993 for “Jesus Doesn’t Want Me For a Sunbeam,” and once again played the same song with The Vaselines in 2012 — click here to see the video.


Two Dead After Driver Runs Down Crowd At SXSW

SXSW 2014 accident | photo by Colin Kerrigan Via Twitter

SXSW 2014 accident scene | photo by Colin Kerrigan Via Twitter

CBS News Dallas/Fort Worth have confirmed that on the night of March 12, 2014, a car crashed into a crowd of people at the SXSW music conference in Austin, Texas. According to eyewitness reports, the incident occurred outside of The Mohawk on Red River Street.

Twenty-three people were hit by the car.  Of those, five are in critical condition, two were killed at the scene There are also five with moderate to serious injuries and 13 walking-wounded.

According to police chief Art Acevedo, the driver was a DUI being pursued by police. The car went through a gas station and went the wrong way up one-way street. The driver then drove through a barrier at a high speed at 12:30am local time, striking two groups of people, a moped and a van, and killing two on the moped.

The driver has been charged with two counts of capital murder and 23 charges of aggravated assault. (via MusicFeeds)

Video of the aftermath is below:


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If You Loved “Garfield Minus Garfield,” Then You’ll Probably Also Enjoy “Garfield Without Garfield’s Thought Balloons”

The A.V. Club has dug up a funny spin on the popular Garfield Minus Garfield blog that first popped up on the internet back in 2008 — it’s called “Garfield Without Garfield’s Thought Balloons,” and as stated on the Tumblr site Bogleech, “I know Garfield Minus Garfield was the one that got a real book and everything, but Garfield Without Garfield’s Thought Balloons is way funnier to me. Especially because Jon can’t hear Garfield’s dialog, so what we see in these strips is the actual canon…this is actually the shit this man does with his fucking cat.”

Here are eight of the strips below:

Garfield Minus Garfield's Thought Balloons

Garfield Minus Garfield's Thought Balloons

Garfield Minus Garfield's Thought Balloons

Garfield Minus Garfield's Thought Balloons

Garfield Minus Garfield's Thought Balloons

Garfield Minus Garfield's Thought Balloons

Garfield Minus Garfield's Thought Balloons

Garfield Minus Garfield's Thought Balloons

Former Guitarist of A New Found Glory Steve Klein Charged With Lewd Contact With a Minor, Child Porn – Lawyer Responds to Charges

Steve Klein of New Found Glory

According to Idobi, Steve Klein, former guitarist of New Found Glory, was arraigned in a San Luis Obispo, California court on December 12, 2013 for charges that include “lewd conduct with a minor under the age of 14” and possession of child pornography. Klein has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Klein was not jailed after the arraignment and will remain free until his next court appearances, which are scheduled for March 20th and April 10th.

Here is a summary of Klein’s charges:

  • 2 counts of lewd conduct with a minor under the age of 14
  • 3 counts of lewd conduct with a minor 14 or 15
  • 1 count of intent to commit lewd acts with a minor
  • 1 count of possession of child pornography

As of right now, Stephen Klein is not a registered sex offender, according to California’s “Megan’s Law” database.

Klein’s attorney, Debra White, has made the following statement:

“It is a difficult challenge to defend oneself in the media when there is a pending criminal case. This is because people are quick to assume that if a person is charged with a crime, they are also guilty as charged.  And it is especially difficult because criminal defense attorneys insist that their clients not talk about the case to ensure that their constitutional rights are protected. Furthermore, attorneys are limited by law as to what can and cannot be said about a case to the public.

In the matter of Steve Klein, since his case has now been brought into issue by the media, I am permitted to make a few statements.  To that effect, I offer you the following indisputable facts about the accusations:

1.    Steve Klein is not accused of having any lewd actual physical contact with any minor.

2.    ALL charges against Steve are derived solely from online consensual video chats between Steve and some female strangers he met on an adult website. Steve believed the females were over the age of 18.

3.    The females alleged to be “minors” in this case are not known females. This means that no one, not the prosecution, not the police, and not the defense, actually know who the females are and no one knows their true age.

4.    The possession of child pornography charge is based solely on Steve allegedly “possessing” the videos of chats with the female strangers from the adult website.

This is about all I am permitted to disclose at this time. But I can tell you, from my many years of experience in this specialty area of criminal defense, I wholeheartedly believe that Steve Klein is innocent of all of these charges.

Steve is devastated by these accusations. He has lost his band, his livelihood, and his ex-wife continues to push for full custody of his children using this case as her pawn while he literally fights for his life. Despite this heavy hand, Steve remains strong and hopeful that he will be vindicated.”

 For more info, visit Alternative Press.

Watch Craig Kilborn Interview Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show”…When It Was Hosted by Kilborn in the 1990s

Craig Kilborn interviews Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show"

It seems like Jon Stewart has hosted “The Daily Show” forever, but, if you can remember back to the ’90s, he is not even the show’s first host. From the show’s debut in summer 1996 through December of 1998, comedian Craig Kilborn hosted “The Daily Show,” and was especially known for his segment, “5 Questions.”

However, Jon Stewart actually appeared on “The Daily Show” twice during Kilborn’s reign — as a guest. That’s right — the man who has conducted hundreds, if not thousands, of interviews himself on “The Daily Show” and has made his name as “America’s Most Trusted Newsman” was a guest on the very same show. Videos of the two appearances are below.

September 1996

Less than two months into the show’s existence, Stewart made his very first appearance, casually dressed and plugging his HBO stand-up special, Unleavened.

December 1998

On Kilborn’s next-to-last episode as host, Stewart stops by to be warmly welcomed as the show’s new host — and to plug his performance as an evil high school teacher in Robert Rodriguez’s The Faculty.

“The Simpsons” Say Goodbye to Mrs. Krabappel

The Simpsons say goodbye to Edna Krabappel

In late October 2013, Marcia Wallace, the voice of Edna Krabappel, died at age 70 due to complications from breast cancer. Shortly thereafter, “The Simpsons” featured a tribute to Wallace during the chalkboard gag, but it was unknown exactly how Wallace’s death would affect “The Simpsons” universe, and how her character would be phased out.

That question was answered during the show’s March 9, 2014 episode, in which Ned Flanders (who was married to Krabappel during a very recent season) dreams that he is doing a tango with Edna, only to awaken wearing a black armband and sighing, “Sure do miss that laugh.” Nelson Muntz pops his head through a window, laughs, and says he misses her too. Watch below:

Wallace held the role of Mrs. Krabappel since the show’s premiere in 1990, and won an Emmy for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance in 1992.

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Me First and the Gimme Gimmes to Release “Are We Not Men? We Are Diva!” on May 13, 2014 via Fat Wreck Chords

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes "Are We Not Men? We Are Diva!"

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes have announced their newest studio album, Are We Not Men? We Are Diva! to be released on May 13, 2014 via Fat Wreck Chords. The new album is the band’s sixth full-length, and the follow-up to the 2011 EP Sing In Japanese.

Are We Not Men? We Are Diva! features covers of 12 different classic “diva” songs by the likes of Celine Dion, Paula Abdul, and Whitney Houston. The track listing is below.

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes Are We Not Men? We Are Diva! Track Listing:
01. I Will Survive
02. Straight Up
03. Believe
04. Beautiful
05. My Heart Will Go On
06. I Will Always Love You
07. Top Of The World
08. Speechless
09. Karma Chameleon
10. Crazy For You
11. On The Radio
12. The Way We Were

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President Barack Obama Appears on Zach Galifianakis’s “Between Two Ferns”

Barack Obama on "Between Two Ferns"

In a new episode of Zach Galifianakis’s “Between Two Ferns,” President Barack Obama sits down to exchange barbs about birth certificates and The Hangover III. And, ultimately, Obama encourages people to sign up for healthcare via the federal government’s Healthcare.gov website before open enrollment ends on March 31st.

Watch the video below:

John Frusciante to Release New Album, “Enclosure,” on April 8, 2014

John Frusciante "Enclosure"

On April 8th, Record Collection will release Enclosure, the 11th full-length album from John Frusciante. Enclosure was written, produced, performed and engineered by Frusciante in his Los Angeles-based recording studio.

Enclosure, upon its completion, was the record which represented the achievement of all the musical goals I had been aiming at for the previous five years,” says Frusciante.

On March 4, 2014, Frusciante’s new band Kimono Kult – with whom he performs alongside Omar Rodríguez-López, former guitarist of At The Drive-In and The Mars Volta, and currently of Bosnian Rainbows – released their debut EP Hiding In The Light. The band, fronted by Teri Gender Bender (who also performs with Le Butcherettes), released the album via Neurotic Yell Records, and it can be streamed in full here.

Five Great Beatles Covers by Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith Beatles covers

In addition to being an incredible songwriter, the late Elliott Smith also had an uncanny ability to take another band’s or musician’s song and make it his own. Smith left behind a massive trove of recordings of covers, which were a staple of his live performances. Many of these covers can be downloaded from Rawkblog, which has maintained a large 51-song collection.

More so than any other band, The Beatles were frequently covered by Smith. Here are five of his best covers of The Beatles or Beatles-related solo projects.


(mp3) (original version)

“I’m So Tired”

(mp3) (original version)

“I Me Mine”

(mp3) (original version)

“Yer Blues”

(mp3) (original version)

“Jealous Guy” (John Lennon solo song)

(mp3) (original version)

Bikini Kill to Reissue “Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah” on April 15, 2014

Bikini Kill "Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah"

Bikini Kill Records will reissue the newly expanded Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah LP featuring seven previously unreleased tracks on April 15, 2014.

Side A of Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah was originally released in 1993 as the BK side of their split record with the UK’s Huggy Bear to kick off their co-headlining tour of the UK in March of that year. The tracks were recorded in their Washingon, DC basement practice space on a 4-track reel to reel in 1992 by Tim Green (Nation of Ulysses, The Fucking Champs).

Side B features seven songs either recorded live at shows during that era or at Bikini Kill practices.

The LP also includes new photos and liner notes from David Feck (Comet Gain), Erin Smith (Bratmobile), and from the band themselves. The LP was mastered by TJ Lipple and Bob Weston.

In late 2012, Bikini Kill reissued their self-titled debut for their 20th anniversary. Click here to read an interview with Bikini Kill’s Tobi Vail.

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Track Listing:

Side A:
White Boy
This Is Not A Test
Don’t Need You
Jigsaw Youth
Resist Psychic Death
Rebel Girl
Outta Me

Side B:
George Bush Is A Pig
I Busted In Your Chevy Window
Get Out
Fuck Twin Peaks
Girl Soldier
Not Right Now