“The Simpsons” Say Goodbye to Mrs. Krabappel


The Simpsons say goodbye to Edna Krabappel

In late October 2013, Marcia Wallace, the voice of Edna Krabappel, died at age 70 due to complications from breast cancer. Shortly thereafter, “The Simpsons” featured a tribute to Wallace during the chalkboard gag, but it was unknown exactly how Wallace’s death would affect “The Simpsons” universe, and how her character would be phased out.

That question was answered during the show’s March 9, 2014 episode, in which Ned Flanders (who was married to Krabappel during a very recent season) dreams that he is doing a tango with Edna, only to awaken wearing a black armband and sighing, “Sure do miss that laugh.” Nelson Muntz pops his head through a window, laughs, and says he misses her too. Watch below:

Wallace held the role of Mrs. Krabappel since the show’s premiere in 1990, and won an Emmy for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance in 1992.

(via AV Club)

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