Hotel That Inspired “The Shining” Plans to Excavate Its Pet Cemetery Right Around Halloween


The Stanley Hotel

It’s almost too good to be true, but the headline doesn’t lie: An old pet cemetery resting on the grounds of the Stanley Hotel, which inspired Stephen King, to write The Shining will soon be dug up to make room for a “wedding and corporate retreat pavilion.”

Residents of the historic district adjacent to the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, are worried about the project — not because they fear retribution from the disturbed souls of dogs and cats, but because of the noise likely to be created.

Of course, a local psychic chimed in (from the Fort Collins Coloradoan):

“Stirring up the bones of the dead” could kick a hornet’s nest of paranormal unrest, said a local psychic medium. And she’s not just talking about ghost dogs.

Construction accidents, delays and burst pipes could plague the project if spirits stuck “between this world and the other world” are disturbed, said Rosemary McArthur, known as “The Celtic Lady,” who lives in Estes Park and was featured as a dog psychic on Animal Planet’s “Pit Boss.” Such troubles could be avoided if a psychic comes to help those animals make the transition, she said.

In February 2013, Stephen King announced that he had written the sequel to his famed novel, The Shining, entitled Doctor Sleep, which shows what happens to Danny Torrance 30 years after the events of the first book. Several months later, Glen Mazzara, who ran AMC’s smash hit series “The Walking Dead” for the past several seasons, announced that he was in talks to write The Overlook Hotel, a prequel to the Stanley Kubrick-directed film version of The Shining, based on the King novel.

For more info on the Stanley Hotel pet sematary — sorry,  cemetery — excavation, visit USA Today. (via Gawker)

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