Jason Segel’s Character “Mike” to Be Recast in “SLC Punk! 2: Punk’s Dead,” But the Rest of the Crew Is Returning


Jason Segel in "SLC Punk!"

As announced earlier this year, the long-awaited sequel to director James Merendino’s cult film SLC Punk!, which was released in 1999, is due out in 2014. However, despite the best efforts of fans — who launched a petition to get Jason Segel to reprise his role as Mike — it appears that Segel’s role will be recast due to the actor’s lack of interest in the film.

Writer/director James Merendino stated:

“I need to address this Fan generated petition. Jason has not read the script. But he knows that Mike’s part is a cameo. I am very impressed by Jason’s career and his many talents. He has been very sweet about why he feels that a cameo in the sequel is not the direction he is going. I have fond memories of Jason. I wish him well. I would not want him to think that he ‘must’ do the sequel out of guilt. But, that’s my opinion. You are all free to have your own and share your feelings about us having to recast Mike. Thanks for your continued support.

As for cutting Mike out of the Sequel. Mike is based on a real person. What he has done in real life is awesome and must be told. And I can’t imagine the story without including his very punk rock experience. Jason played him well but I cannot just forget how much he influenced me and this story. There are some very talented actors out there but only one Mike in my life.”

However, the good news is that, according to a comment written by an admin of the SLC Punk! 2 Facebook page, “Everybody is back except Jason including the writer/director.” That includes Matthew Lillard as Stevo and Michael A. Goorjian as Heroin Bob — and hopefully Christopher McDonald, Devon Sawa, and Annabeth Gish as well.

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  • Josh Rowe

    Fuck Jason Segel. Seriously.. I’ve been a fan of his since SLC Punk… but ya know what? No more. He is a big time Hollywood actor now and probably wasn’t offered enough money.. He can do stupid ass slap stick comedy movies.. but he can’t reprise his role in SLC Punk 2?? They are getting ALL the original actors back for the sequel EXCEPT Jason… way to be a fucking poser, Jason. You just lost me as a fan. I hate when actors get big headed… Awww boo hoo.. His character part in the sequel is not “the direction he is going”… but I suppose making stupid comedy movies is? Couldn’t just be a decent person and come back to fill the role as Mike again..? Fuck you Jason Segel, you sir are a POSER.

    • Zokia

      He’s not a slave dude. He can take or drop roles on his own accord for any reason. Stop being such a self entitled cunt. You’re a poser for getting so fucking hot headed over him not being in the film. You seem pretty butt-hurt.

      • Speedy Pete’s Delivery

        im pretty butt hurt too how can you not be if you truly enjoyed it and really know the meaning of “punk rock” and if its because of money it does make him a poser not just a poser but a “sellout poser” what a let down i love Jason in all his movies he is a wonderful actor but really he has to play mike who the fuck else can bring that role home like Jason did and does?? no body! no body, baby!!!! lmao

        • Zokia

          Just because he was in a punk-rock film almost 15 years ago, does not make him punk-rock. Who fucking cares if he’s a “poser” or not? Wouldn’t he be a real “sell-out poser” if he took the money for this film even though he didn’t really want the role? It’s a cameo, it’s not like he’s a central character, it’ll be fine. It’s not an Oscar winning role that’s going to have two-hours of screen time. It’s a cameo. He did damn good in the first film but he just doesn’t want this role, what’s the problem? It sucks but it’s not going to ruin the film at all.

    • David Gordon

      Calm down. For one thing, you obviously do not know what slapstick is. He has never done a slapstick comedy movie. Slapstick is generally a mixture of physical comedy and things falling on people and other ridiculous stuff like that. SLC punk was not that great of a movie to begin with and Jason Segel is literally a giant of a movie star compared to all of the other actors in that movie… why would he be someone who is not the main character in that cast? That is like you working very hard and becoming manager of a department store, and another store opens that needs help for a month and they ask you to be an associate while someone who has crap experience compared to you is acting as manager. It is a job… their jobs please and entertain people, but they cannot base their career decisions on the preferences of uneducated fucks such as yourself.

      • Speedy Pete’s Delivery

        its just the “principality” of the situation! i want to see Jason Segel in the 2nd movie not another dude in the same glasses and shirt its the spirit of the hole thing!! its “punk rock man” only a poser would leave everyone hanging…. but its again the whole spirit of the thing which i can tell YOU David! and Zokia above! obviously do NOT understand!!! i mean Josh was a lil harsh but i can relate when i read what i did what the fuck how are you going to be a side actor for bad teacher but not one of the Greatest movies in my mind a movie that changed the way i thought in many ways and i have had friends overdose on drugs and no longer here any more so for some like YOU! it mite not be a very good movie but to others like me its one of the best movies ever made with a well rounded point to kids doing drugs and being stupid and looking for love and how to not give up or end your life because the crazy shit that happens in life… this is a very educational movie for teens that relates to all genders not just one but everyone

        • David Gordon

          You sound like you are 12 years old. If this is one of the best movies you have ever seen, you should probably see more movies. It is not a “bad” movie, but it is nowhere near ground breaking or a staple in cinema. Also calling people “poser” is as lame as you can get. At the end of the movie, he matured and realized that mentality was silly and left it behind, so clearly you did not understand the point. But you are asking for a huge and very wealthy actor and film maker to have a side role in a low budget poorly casted film compared to his current standards. Again I will repeat my analogy: If you are the President, you would not step down to be the Mayor of DC for any period of time. Compared to the low level actors in that film, it is a similar situation.
          And furthermore, Punk Rock died decades ago… there are no more genuine “punks”. It is like claiming to be a disco king, which would be simple because there are virtually no other disco kings to compete with. Also your generation sucks, and has lost all ability to comprehend complex thought.

        • Josh Rowe

          THANK YOU! There are intelligent people left in this world!

          • Zokia

            I think you just mean that there’s someone who agrees with you. That’s not a measure of high intelligence, probably even more so since they’re agreeing with you. I might almost go as far as saying it’s a direct correlation to the complete lack of intelligence.

    • Speedy Pete’s Delivery

      i know josh i love me some Jason too and to read this i am heart broken its like trying to replace Matthew Lillard’s “stevo” with a sock puppet????????????

      • Josh Rowe

        Thank you… at least YOU understand my frustration with Jason not coming back to play Mike again. I don’t hate the guy, I am just angry. I don’t give a flying fuck HOW famous he is now… A LOT of people (such as myself) first saw him in SLC Punk and that movie is VERY dear to us… It just seems like he snubbed his nose to it.. like “oh.. I am too big for that now.. I’ll pass”.. It’s simply a dick move… That’s the problem with people now days anyway… They get a big head and think they are above everyone else… It just saddens me. I’ve been a fan of Jason’s since SLC Punk.. and to find out ALL the original actors are coming back EXCEPT him… because some piss poor excuse of his…. it’s a slap in the face.

    • acrossalloceans

      whoa anger. if he doesnt want to do it, he doesnt have to, theres no strange obligation he feels to Josh Rowe to reprise his role.

      • Josh Rowe

        I have answer towards ANY actor that gets a big head… It pisses me off. Yes, while I realized he isn’t “obligated to me” to reprise his role. You and a few others are not even understanding what I am trying to say. Maybe I did come off a bit harsh, but it seriously pissed me off. SLC Punk is important to a lot of people (myself included).. it is a wonderful movie.. it had meaning.. and purpose.. unlike MOST of the garbage that people consider movies now days… and it just angers me that now he is a big hollywood star.. and can’t be bothered to come back to a role that MANY fans love… It’s just a douche move if you ask me… He can sign up to some billion dollar comedy movie full of dick and fart jokes.. but not come back to a role that really helped make is career? Whatever.. I’m over it now.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jazzmasters Christian Stefos Migliorese

      Hahahaha you mad, bro? So pathetic.

    • SLC Sam

      Screw him! This movie is about more than an acting role and money. The original SLC Punk was an inspirational film that has helped shape who I am today and played a large role in my youth and it has done so for many of my friends. It should be the potential of this film to inspire that brings him back. Any actor that would turn down such an honor as to be recast in this film is either clueless, or too far gone to make a movie that matters.

  • Andy_Dufresnes_Awesome_Posters

    How’s Herion Bob coming back? He OD’d.

    • Speedy Pete’s Delivery

      that was what i was saying i guess they are just bringing back the hole cast or maybe for flashback moments?? i was like they did say sequel or prequel? when i read that herion bob is back?? who knows!

    • Amanda

      I have the page liked on Facebook. They said something about him being a ghost or something like that. I had thought originally maybe flashbacks, but one of the admins said that he will be a ghost.

    • Euronomus

      Stevo’s inner dialog