Top 10 Best Sidekicks and Supporting Characters That Are Much Cooler Than the Main Ones



It’s rare that a show’s side characters outshine the main ones. But every so often, a new star rises and the public takes notice, resulting in low-quality merchandising and  ill-fated spin-offs. I’m talking about real shitty production values too; not even good as mindless entertainment. Garbage, basically.

Still, we’re not suggesting that these characters haven’t earned their stripes. In truth, all of them are simply better than their counterparts with more screen time. You know it, Verbicide knows it, everyone knows it. So, how about it, internet? I think it’s time we give these characters the recognition they deserve.

Soundwave – “Transformers”

As a transforming boombox, you’d think that Soundwave was the robot equivalent of a thumb wrestler with no hands. But you’d be wrong. In fact, during the 1980s run of the cartoon, Soundwave proved not only to be a reliable surveillance expert and a capable fighter, but also ridiculously loyal to his Decepticon master, Megatron. How loyal to Megatron was he?

There is Megatron/Soundwave fanfic. Proceed with caution.

Add to that the fact that he could house several smaller tape robots in his chest and has a voice that is the Daft Punk version of Barry White’s smooth bass vocals, and you’ve got a winner. Soundwave is universally popular. It’s time we start acting like it.

Cheetara – “Thundercats”

Cheetara is fast. Really fast. But she really makes this list because for many young boys, she represented a first Saturday morning cartoon crush. While most stories focused on the whiny lion-themed hero, Lion-O, and his battles with the ancient mummy Mumm-Ra (apparently written by Captain Obvious), a few girls and guys watched every episode solely to see what happened with the quick and ferocious Cheetara. This likely led to a generation of people who understood women as strong, independent, and sexual creatures capable of fighting their own battles while supporting their friends and family. It also probably led to this. Guess you can’t win ‘em all.

Trunks – “Dragonball Z”

Women will say that Trunks is on this list because of his outgoing personality. Men will say it’s because of his sword. But if they’re both being honest, they’ll say it’s his hair that makes him “Dragonball’s” most popular second-tier character. Introduced as the first Saiyen without the trademark black, pointy hair, the futuristic Trunks quickly became a fan favorite. His aggressive nature haunts your dreams. He rules the social media universe. He has his own soda. He’s the total package.

Snake Eyes – “GI Joe”

Ninjas always get special consideration, but when you’re the world’s finest latex-wearing, mute, special forces ninja…well, let’s just say that “G.I. Joe” should have been changed to “The Snake Eyes Kickflip Action Hour” somewhere around season three. Plus, he eventually ends up with Scarlett. Not bad, Snake Eyes.

Most telling? Snake Eyes wasn’t even a major player in the original cartoon and yet was voted the most popular G.I. Joe character of all time, the coolest action figure of all time, and the most anticipated character of the 2009 G.I. Joe movie and its upcoming sequel.

Kato – “The Green Hornet”

Kato was played by Bruce Lee in a role so iconic that in Hong Kong the program was marketed as “The Kato Show.” Green Hornet actor Van Williams is probably still aching from that one.

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